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Superior Wire & Technical Services is the exclusive distributer of Kyungnam (Kyung-nam) Machine Co. automatic welding cage machines in the USA. These machines create the welded wire cages used for producing reinforced concrete pipe in precast concrete pipe plants. The wire cages give tension to a concrete pipe, so it won’t crush under enormous pressures (weights).

Concrete gives the pipe tube enormous compressive strength. Working together, wire cages and concrete give precast concrete pipe structures a service life of well over 100 years. Automatic welding cage machines are vital elements to the success in profitability and quality of a concrete pipe production facility.

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Executive Team

Greg Minteer - Owner

Bill Dickerman - Administration

Kress Childs - National Sales

Brandon George - Southeast and Texas Sales

Matt Childs - Director of Engineering

Eddie Rangel - Technical Support / Parts and Service

Giovanny A. - Technical Support / Parts and Service



SWTS is a Domestic Limited Liability Company (LLC) registered in Texas.


Superior Wire & Technical Services is building its brand as the premier technical support business focused on the sales and service of Kyungnam Machine Co. automatic welding cage machines. The purpose of the business is to service the machines it sells with readily available parts that extend the 22-year design life of the machines, and introduce equipment to the American concrete pipe industry that reduces the cost of manufacturing welded wire cages.

Concrete pipe production is a capital-intense enterprise. KN automatic welding cage machines are a modern technology that reduces labor costs, reduces material costs, and contributes to a sustainable future. With innovation and advances in this technology, SWTS and KN are helping to ensure that buried infrastructure will perform as designed for generations.

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